Knock Aergrind Review: A Fantastic Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for a good quality coffee grinder, you may be considering the Aergrind coffee grinder which Knock manufactures. This grinder is very easy to use, creates a consistently ground coffee is great for specialty coffee.

There are many different kinds of coffee grinders on the market; it can be hard to decide which one to go for. The Knock Aergrind is a burr grinder that is well made and compact. It’s an excellent choice for many people and as its lightweight can be great for vacations and home use. This article is a Knock Aergrind review; we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this great coffee grinder’s features and benefits.

Knock Aergrind Review

Knock Aergrind Verdict

The Aergrind knock coffee grinder is a compact hand grinder. It has 38mm steel burrs to grind the coffee and is operated manually using a hand crank which can also be used as a bottle opener. This fanatic grinder has been designed in Scotland by a small business called Made by Knock, located in Edinburgh.

Made by Knock produces grinders that have a reputation of being high quality and the Aergrind is their first burr grinder. Made by Knock launched a kickstart campaign in 2017 to manufacture the Aergrind coffee grinder. Their idea was very popular with the public, and after just one day, the campaign had received sufficient funding.

The Aergrind is a very unique niche product as it’s a hand grinder that fits somewhere between the Hario grinder, which is an entry-level product, and the high-end Porlex. The Knock Aergrind is a premium hand grinder but is much more affordable than many of its competitors.

The knock Aergrind has been designed to be used with the Aeropress coffee machine. The Aergrind has also been designed to fit into the Aeropress so that it doesn’t take up extra space and is easy to store. This also makes it more portable.

The Benefits of the Knock Aergrind

The Aergrind coffee grinder is made from high-quality components and is adjustable to create different coarseness of coffee grounds. It’s also lightweight and compact, which means it’s very portable and suitable for traveling or even camping. The dimensions are 5.6 inches high by 1.8 inches wide. The Aergrind coffee grinder is straightforward to use and very easy to maintain. It’s also available at a reasonable price.

Easy to Use

The Aergrind is very simple to use and can also be cleaned and maintained easily. It has a dial that allows you to set the grind from fine to coarse or anywhere in between. After choosing your settings, all you need to do is pour your coffee beans into the top of the Aergrind. Put the lid back on, and then use the hand crank to grind your coffee beans. Once ground, the grinds will fall into a container at the bottom.

It’s also relatively quick to create your desired coffee grounds. It generally takes around one minute to grind about 17g of coffee beans if you choose a fine grind size suitable for the Aeropress coffee machine.

Good quality materials

Knock pride itself on the use of good quality components used to create the Aergrind coffee grinder. This grinder has conical burrs, which have been manufactured using hardened Nerost Black Steel. The coffee grinder’s body is also made from metal which makes it durable and long-lasting. Overall, the Aergrind looks and feels like it’s good quality and well made.

The Disadvantages of the Knock Aergrind

Knock Aergrind Features

The main disadvantage of the Knock Aergrind coffee grinder is that it can be hard to find. It’s not available on Amazon, and many retailers sell out quickly due to the popularity of the product. The supply problem is also due to the fact that the product is made in Scotland, and only a small number reach the American market. Made by Knock is also a small company.

Another disadvantage is that it has a small dial lid which could easily get lost. Some customers have also complained that it produces too finer grounds for a V60.

Some people find that it’s difficult to pour coffee beans into the grinder as it’s so narrow. However, this job becomes much easier if you use a funnel. A funnel comes with the Aeropress coffee machine, which can be used with the Aergrind and perfectly fits the grinder.

Another disadvantage is that the Aergrind doesn’t come with any instructions and doesn’t have a manual with it. You’ll therefore have to work out how to use it yourself or can find instructions on the website or forum.

Grind Consistency

Knock Aergrind Grind Consistency
You should start with a grind that looks like the middle spoon with most drip coffee makers.

The knock Aergrind coffee grinder has excellent consistency when it comes to grinding coffee. The Aergrind can create coarse grinds, which can be used with French Press and fine grinds to use with espresso machines. Whichever setting you choose, the Aergrind consistently produces the grind you want, it uses a drop-down method, so when the grinds are the right coarseness, they will drop into a compartment at the bottom of the grinder. This means that you won’t find coarse grains in your finely ground coffee.


The Aergrind is an excellent coffee grinder for coffee lovers and those who enjoy artisan coffees. This grinder will give you the option of creating coffee grinds precisely how you want them, either very coarse or very fine. It has an easy to set dial and consistently produces the correct coffee grinds.

If you usually brew one or two cups of coffee at a time, the Aergrind is great for you. If you want to brew more cups at once, you may need a larger grinder. The Aergrind is a compact grinder that is of excellent quality.

The Aergrind works well for most manual brewing methods, such as the French Press method. It is, however, best used in conjunction with the Aeropress. The Aergrind is very well made and is portable, and great for traveling.

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