What type of filter does the Kalita 102 use?

The Kalita 102 uses 102 paper filters.

There are also three holes on the bottom of the Kalita 102 that allow the water to drip through; this allows for faster water extraction and means that the pouring technique can affect how the coffee tastes. For best results, 102 paper filters should be used with the Kalita coffee maker.

Some other filters, such as the Melitta #2 paper filters, also work with this coffee dripper. ┬áHere’s our full Kalita 102 Dripper review, if you are trying to figure out if one is right for you.

Kalita 102 Filters

Where to Buy Kalita 102 Filters
Kalita 102 Specific Filters Amazon Wal-Mart N/A
Melitta #2 Amazon Wal-Mart





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