Kalita 102 Dripper Review: Convenient and Affordable

The Kalita 102 has received a lot of hype in recent years. Here’s our full Kalita 102 dripper review.

The Kalita 102 Dripper is a top-rated product that is popular across America and is also used in many Asian countries. It’s a ceramic coffee dripper that allows you to easily make pour over coffee at home that tastes great and is of good quality. This great product will enable you to create multiple cups of coffee per pour. You can serve up to four people using the Kalita 102 Dripper.


Kalita 102 Design

The Kalita 102’s design is relatively basic as it’s a wedge-shaped coffee brewer. Many baristas agree that wedge shaped coffee brewers such as the Kalita allow you to create some of the best cups of coffee. The coffee is comparable to brews made by other pour over methods.

The Kalita 102 has a unique design; there are ridges on the inside all the way to the top of the dipper. These ridges are there to help with extraction.

There are also three holes on the bottom to allow the water to drip through; this allows for faster water extraction and means that the pouring technique can affect how the coffee tastes. For best results, 102 paper filters should be used with the Kalita coffee maker. Some other filters, such as the Melitta #2 paper filters, also work with this coffee dripper.  If you’re looking for filters, here’s our Kalita 102 coffee filters page.

The Kalita 102 Variations

Kalita 102 Review

The Kalita 102 is available in a few different variations. The main difference is the material that the coffee dripper has been made from. The Kalita 102 dripper is available in three different materials, ceramic, plastic, and copper.

While the Kalita is the same design in different materials, there does seem to be more pronounced ridges on the plastic variety. This may allow the water to flow through the dripper slightly faster. There are also some variations in the ceramic dripper, the main one being the color. The Kalita 102 ceramic dripper is available in various colors, including brown and white.

The Kalita 102 copper dripper has been designed as a high-end product. The designers say that it allows you to smell the coffee’s aroma more intensely than with the ceramic or plastic variety. As it’s made from metal, it also heats up faster than the other two materials. It also holds its heat for a more extended period than the other two varieties.

Grind Sizes

Coffee Grind for Kalita 102

The Kalita 102 Dripper is best for coarse or medium coffee grounds. It can’t handle grinds that are too fine, or they will go right through the dripper. A grind setting of between twelve and fourteen is perfect for the Kalita 102 Dripper.

Use the Pour Over Technique

The Kalita 102 Dripper is used with the pour over technique which means you’ll need paper filters and either a standard kettle or a gooseneck pour over kettle. It may be best to use a gooseneck kettle as this will give you more control over how you make your coffee. You’ll be able to control the speed and direction of the water.

The Kalita 102 Dripper allows you to control how your coffee will ultimately taste. You’ll be able to control the depth of the brew, making it as light or as strong as you like. If you put more water in the Kalita 102 Dripper, will pour the coffee into your cup faster, giving you a lighter coffee. If you decide to pour slowly and precisely, the coffee will steep for longer, and you’ll end up with a stronger coffee.

When using the Kalita 102 Dripper, you’ll need to decide how you like your coffee and then get your pouring technique consistent. Also, use the correct grind size to create a cup of coffee that’s right for you.

Some people recommend wetting the filter slightly with a little bit of boiling water first. This warms up the pour-over as well as your cup and can also remove the paper taste from the filter.

The Benefits of using the Kalita 102 Dripper

The main benefit of the Kalita 102 Dripper is that it allows you to customize your cup of coffee. You can experiment with different grind sizes and pouring techniques to create the perfect cup of coffee for you.

Once you’ve developed an experienced pouring technique, you’ll find that you’ll be consistently making excellent coffee. The Kalita 102 is a great coffee brewer for beginners as it’s relatively easy to make great coffee. It really extracts the flavors of the coffee and is an excellent product for both home use and for professional baristas.

The Kalita 102 not only makes great coffee, but it also looks stylish. It’s also available in different variations, including materials and colors. If you’re trying to cut down on your plastic consumption, you may like to go for the ceramic variety. All three materials make great coffee but are tailored to a slightly different target market.

Another great design feature of the Kalita 102 is that it has a rim on the bottom to keep it in place on top of your cup. It will stay cantered, ensuring that any condensation drips nicely into the cup instead of making a mess.

The Disadvantages of the Kalita 102 Dripper

As with all good things, there are also some slight drawbacks to the Kalita 102 Dripper. Many people find it annoying that there isn’t a viewing hole at the bottom of the dripper. This means that you are unable to see how high your coffee level is already at. This may be a problem if you add too much water as your cup could overflow.

Where to Buy the Kalita 102

The Kalita 1o2 is not always so easy to find.  Here are a few places that it was available at the time of this writing.

Kalita 102 Dripper Review Conclusion

The Kalita 102 Dripper is a great product that allows you to make café quality coffee at home. Many people love making coffee with the Kalita 102 as it’s fun to use and a very involved process. You can customize your coffee so that it’s exactly as you like it, either light or strong.  We hope this Kalita 102 Dripper review has helped you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

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