Electric Percolator vs. Drip Coffee Maker

There are many different ways of brewing coffee, and it can be confusing to know which method is best or tastier. Two of the most popular ways of making coffee in the US are electric percolator and drip coffee.

Drip coffee makers are generally cheap and easy to use; they have risen in popularity in recent years. Electric percolator is less popular but is a method that you should definitely consider. Electric percolators allow you to make stronger coffee.

If you’ve been wondering what the differences between electric percolator vs. drip coffee are, read on. This article will look at the similarities and differences between these two great methods of making coffee.

What is a Drip Coffee Maker?

Drip Coffe vs Percolator

Drip coffee makers can be either manual or automatic. Water drips through the coffee maker, and water is filtered through a paper filter. This helps to eliminate all of the fine grinds of coffee and produces a smooth drink that can be either strong or light, depending on the grounds used.

A manual drip coffee maker is a wedge-shaped gadget that sits on top of your cup, mug, or coffee pot. You’ll need to use a gooseneck kettle to slowly and carefully pour the water through the filter. Electric models are also available, and the speed and flow of the water can be controlled by choosing various settings to create a customizable cup of coffee.  If you are looking for coffee pot, here are our picks for best coffee pot under $100.

What is an Electric Percolator?

Using a percolator is an older method of making coffee than the drip method. An electric percolator will enable you to make coffee that’s stronger and more bitter than the drip method. An electric percolator will have a series of chambers where the water is held, and the coffee is brewed.

Many electric percolators on the market are suitable for home or office use and create small amounts of coffee. Others are available for large gatherings that can make up to 40 cups of coffee at once. Most electric percolators have a coffee dispenser that’s located on the side to make serving the coffee easy.  Here’s how to brew with one.

Electric Percolator and Drip Coffee Differences

There are many differences between these two coffee methods. Let’s look at the differences between electric percolator vs. drip coffee:

Filtering methods

The filtering methods of these two types of coffee are slightly different. Drip coffee makers generally require that you filter the coffee through a paper filter which removes the fine grounds and oils from the coffee.

Although some electric percolators do use paper filters, for most machines, this is not a necessity. Most people who are using the percolator method don’t use a filter, which means their coffee will contain some of the finely ground coffee particulates and oils, and will therefore have more body. Electric percolator coffee tastes similar to french press or other methods of making unfiltered coffee.


Drip coffee makers are only able to brew your coffee using one speed. This is because these types of gadgets use the force of gravity. Water drips through the filter at its own pace and fills up your mug or the carafe. If you are using a drip coffee maker and want to make your coffee stronger, you’ll need to use more coffee grounds or a finer grind size. Alternatively, you can try brewing your coffee with less water to make an expresso.

An electric percolator differs slightly from a drip coffee maker, and you’ll have more control over the brewing time. If you like stronger coffee, you can set your coffee maker to percolate your coffee for longer. Alternatively, you can choose to reduce the time, and this will make a weaker coffee. If you’re brewing stronger coffee using an electric percolator, the downside is that your coffee may taste bitter.


Percolators and drip coffee makers come in either an electric or manual form. Stovetop percolators are available if you’d prefer not to buy another electric gadget. The good thing about the electric versions is that they have automatic settings. The non-electric versions are great for making coffee while camping or hiking as they are very portable.

Concluding electric percolator vs. drip coffee maker

It will probably come down to personal preferences whether you choose an electric percolator vs. drip coffee maker. They both make good coffee, but the drip method is more popular as percolator coffee can be strong and bitter.

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