Best Pour Over Drip Kettle: Smart Picks

Pour over drip kettles are very popular as they are a great way of making your morning coffee. The pour over method allows you to have more control of the taste of your coffee. You can easily brew your coffee so that it’s as strong or as light as you like.

Pour over drip kettles are either manual or electric, and it often comes down to personal preferences as to which you’ll choose. Let’s look at some of the best pour over drip kettles available on the market.

The Best Pour Over Drip Kettle

There are many great pour over drip kettles available on Amazon. When looking for the best pour over drip kettle, you can choose either a manual or electric version. Both types of kettles are straightforward to use and produce fantastic coffee!

Top Pick:  MOOSOO Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Moosoo Pour Over Kettle Review

If you’re searching for a fantastic electric pour over drip kettle, look no further than the MOOSoo Electric gooseneck kettle. Made from stainless steel, this pour over drip kettle has six precise temperature settings, so you’ll be able to brew your beverage so that it’s just right.

This kettle is made from high-quality components, is non-corrosive and leakproof. It has a handle that is designed to stay cool for safe pouring.

The Moosoo electric gooseneck kettle uses 1000W power and can heat up to 0.8L of water in four minutes.

Why it’s our Top Pick

  • High-quality and durable
  • Non-corrosive, rust-free
  • Very easy-to-clean
  • An electric kettle is an excellent choice for the optimal brew.
  • 12V, 1000Watts
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty and customer service support

Motte Essentials – Gooseneck Kettle

Motte Essentials Kettle Review

The Motte Essentials pour over drip kettle is very high quality and will help you create good quality coffee at home. It’s made using BPA-free stainless steel and has a solid construction which makes it durable and long lasting. The kettle has a durable, ergonomic handle which makes it very straightforward to hold and use.

The lid has a built-in thermometer and is designed to be a perfect fit so that there is no chance that you’ll scald yourself. There’s also a unique venting system that enables the steam to escape. This kettle has a precise pour gooseneck, allowing you to control how your pour and make your coffee. You’ll be able to pour out the exact amount of water you need at a speed you’re in control of.

Why It’s Great!

  • Non-corrosive and won’t rust
  • Built-in safety features to stop you from burning yourself
  • It comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty
  • Allows you to brew coffee like a professional

MERMOO YILAN Pour Over Kettle

Mermoo Yilan Kettle is great for pour over

The Mermoo Yilan pour over kettle is made from Stainless steel and wood; it has a capacity of 650ML, which allows you to make between two and four cups of coffee. The outside of the coffee pot has been coated with a Teflon material that makes it durable and scratch-resistant, and resistant to high temperature. This pour over drip kettle is odorless and very easy to clean. It has a professional gooseneck with a very fine tip to give you extra control of the water flow and speed.

The Mermoo Yilan pour over kettle has air holes in the lid, helping prevent scalds when you open the lid.

Why it’s Great!

  • Attractive design
  • Color: white
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Safety features that stop you from getting scolded
  • Made from good quality components

Things to Consider When Buying a Pour Over Drip Kettle

Pour Over Coffee Kettle Buyers Guide

Here are some things you may like to consider when buying the best pour over drip kettle for your needs.

Manual or electric?

Drip kettles are either manual or electric, and both have advantages and disadvantages. Electric drip kettles are very convenient as you can simply press a button to heat the water. If you decide to get a manual drip kettle, you’ll need to heat it on your stovetop, and some people find this a better method of heating the water.

Manual drip kettles are generally lighter and cheaper to buy. They don’t require specialist electricity parts that may be expensive to replace if your kettle becomes faulty. If you decide to go for a manual drip kettle, you’ll also need to check that it’s compatible with your oven or stove.


Pour over drip kettles are available in various capacities. If you’re just making coffee for yourself, a small drip kettle will suffice, whereas you may choose a larger one if you want to prepare coffee for your whole family every morning. A 500 or 600 mL drip kettle is sufficient for one or two cups, while kettles are available up to 1000ml for brewing many cups of coffee.

Flow rate

The speed that the water can flow out of the pour over drip kettle will be determined by the length of the gooseneck and its diameter. Kettles with smaller spouts will have a faster flow than larger ones. It would help if you considered the flow rate, as this will give you the control and precision you need. If you choose a product with a small, slender spout, you’ll have greater control over the coffee as your pour.

It’s also a good idea to read some reviews before you buy and check that the product is durable and long lasting. Some products have negative reports and are prone to water leaks or rusting. Bad quality pour over drip kettles often has weaknesses in the spout.


Good quality pour over drip kettles is made using stainless steel that is thick enough to make the product durable. Stainless steel allows the water to boil quickly and in a way that is more energy-efficient than other materials.

It’s also a good idea to ensure the pour over drip kettle you buy is free from BPA and any other toxins or potential contaminants. The material should also be non-corrosive to stop rust from forming and reduce the build-up of toxins in the kettle over time.


Being able to make café quality coffee at home is one of the main reasons people invest in one of the best pour over drip kettles. The pour over method of making coffee is very involved and allows you to have greater control over how your coffee turns out. For this reason, pour over drip kettles have become very popular in recent years.

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