Aeropress Inversion Method

There are so many ways to make a fantastic cup of coffee at home these days.  You can use a French press, pour over, Chemex, etc.

One way of making coffee that has become all the rage is the AeroPress, which was invented by toy maker Aerobie.  This fun coffee maker has been gaining popularity of late. In more coffee shops now, you can ask them to make you an AeroPress-made coffee.

There are endless, creative ways to use AeroPress. In fact, there are World AeroPress competitions in many cities all over the world.

Today I’d like to share with you my favourite way to use this brewer, which is the Inversion Brewing Method.  There is an advantage to using this technique: it allows the coffee more time to steep, producing a stronger and more intense flavour.

Using the AeroPress 101 inversion method is amazing at creating a cleaner tasting brew and the vacuum pressing action allows for fuller coffee ground extraction.  It’s also easy to clean, which is a big plus: just pop out the ground coffee puck, rinse and you’re done!

AeroPress: The Inversion Method Strategy


  • AeroPress Coffee Maker kit
  • Kettle
  • Mug
  • Optional: We’re using a Hario V60 glass server to pour into a mug afterwards. (We’re doing this because a clear server simply makes it easier for you to see the coffee. It’s also an elegant component of the coffee making process.)
  • Spoon
  • Timer (optional)


  • Freshly ground coffee (21g), ground to medium-fine
  • Filtered water


  1. Boil water in kettle (heated to 195-205F).
  2. While water is boiling, assemble the AeroPress by fitting the plunger side 2-3mm into the chamber.  Sit AeroPress on the counter inverted.
  3. Place the funnel on the AeroPress, spoon in ground coffee (21g), then remove the funnel. 
  4. When boiled water has reached 195 -205 F, pour water on top of the ground coffee in the AeroPress.  Pour to the top but leave some room to stir with a spoon.
  5. Stir the coffee for approximately five seconds, until all the grounds are wet.
  6. Wait one minute to allow the coffee to steep (similar to a French Press).  Using a timer here is optional (and recommended).
  7. While coffee is steeping, prepare the filter cap.  Place a paper coffee filter in the filter cap.  Use the kettle to pour hot water over the paper filter. Rinsing the filter will remove any paper taste.
  8. Screw the filter cap on the Aeropress, with paper filter still on.
  9. After one minute, get your mug (or, in our case, the Hario glass range server) and turn the AeroPress upside down on top of the mug.  CAUTION! Be careful as the body of the AeroPress can get hot.
  10. With the flat of your hand, press down on the plunger lightly but with steady pressure, for about 20-25 seconds.  Check to make sure the plunger is lined up straight as you’re pressing down.  Stop pressing when you hear a hissing sound. This noise indicates all of the coffee has been pressed into your mug.
  11. Remove the AeroPress from your mug or server.

Note: If you don’t stop pressing down at the hissing sound, you will get some bitter, over extracted drippings into your cup.



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